Drums Circles – Rhythm in the heart of healing – with Alain Désir

cropped-IMG_10391.jpgSoon in Sweden, from 8th to 12th of april 2017 !  Let’s meet and join in Stockholm, at Urbanom center!!!

Alain Désir is a french musician and music therapist, who is eager to share a very positive experience with you.

He has been facilitating Drums Circles during the last 13 years, thus gaining a lot of valuable expérience. Back in 2003, Alain was one of the european pioneer of drums circles ; he understood that there was a need to develop these practises with the objective to benefit a greater number of participants, and to make sure that such rituals would not fade away. Since then he has delivered hundred of drum circles, traveling in various destinations around European cities and in India. As a music thérapist, he works with lot of different kinds of people, in hospital ( palliative care, long diseases) retirement home, creche and all sorts of people with a « label » ( autism …). He practices meditation since many years.

Here below, Alain will explain how it all started and evolved:

That adventure began playing drums : music is a part of my life. I have a very special connexion with rhythm.  Rhythm is everywhere : in each cell, organ, heart beat, the rhythm of the waves, the rythm of the wind … Each planet has its own time’s signature.


The purpose is to harmonize all these rhythms in a perfect symphony. In fact the only work to do deeplylogo 1 is to harmonize our body and mind, according to the natural elements. When they do so they may be surprised with how beneficial the results will be for their wellbeing. In many cultures, if we are well centered and in a good harmony, we are connected to 4 directions ( North, West, East, South, which are related to specific qualities. In shamanic pratices, we consider 7 or 8 directions.

I have delivered hundreds of drums circles, welcoming thousands of people.

While each experience is unique, the very first and main effect that always comes out from these circles, is a feeling of being united and closed together. United inside, united with others and united with the universe. And it goes along with a feeling of peace, joy, love, grace, gratitude, relief.

And there are many other effects ! If the intent of a drum circle is well placed, and if the circle is well protected, there are obvious changes during Drums circles that may continue long after the practise. It may have a positive impact that could be physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. For many,  essential transformations may occur.

cercleDeTambour-3DI have written a book, that was published in january 2016 – with the french editor Vega. In this book I describe in greater details drums circles, their special effects, and how we can manage or facilitate them. It is  based on my experience and the testimonial of many participants. I pay a special attention to the gesture of the participants, and there drummer gesture. This book is only available in french for the moment, but there may be an english version later on.

I offer courses and thematic workshops in France, Switzerland and India for example. The next step on the agenda is to plan sessions in The Nordic Countries, where I would expect the drum circles to be of interest, and beneficial for Swedes, Norwegians and Danes, given the fact that the Nordic population obviously is very close to nature and the environment.

Surely I am also willing to teach and share my experience in other parts of the World as well (please make contact if you are a member of a group that could be interested). We can organize Drums Circles together.

IMG_0872Courses and Workshops

Special courses to get in touch with your inside healer, linked to vital resources. To bring together the scattered pieces of our mind, so that all facets of our soul shine with pure brilliance.

I’ll be in Sweden in april 2017 to give workshops

In stockholm , at Urbanom center

the flavor of rythms  april, 8th                             facebook link

from the edge to the center   april, 9th


logo 1Introduction to lucid shamanic dreams

First steps : navigate and be lucid, contact with allies / bring  back the knowledge and energy met in dreams to improve everyday’s life.

logo 1Tame and play your own drum

Many people have built their own drum or simply purchased one. It may be a shamanic drum but they may have never used it. But I believe that many would love to learn how to use it and play with its spirit, to share its very particular sound and care qualities.
If this reflects to you, maybe this course is for you!

logo 1Drums circles : rhythm in the heart of healing

Experience the adventure of magic drumming, sharing the beat, grooving high. A profound and delightful experience of the drummer gesture and its 8 qualities.

logo 1Breath and voice with the Drum beat

An incredible workshop based on multicultural experiences, yoga breathing technics with drum sharing.

IMG_6542Intensive training 2016/2017

logo 1Drums Circles Process – rythm in the heart of drumming

A new advanced program based on :

  • Shamanic practices, the power of sound and rhythms, the latest advances in quantum vision, to get in touch with healing presence.

  • A course that is based on practices (80%) and theory (20%). This training takes place over a period of 3-4 days, followed by an intensive seminar.

More details to come very soon !

Alain Désir – Short Biography

Alain DI have had the pleasure to meet with many other teachers and/or practicians such as Alain Moanert and Anne Pierard ( Belgium -NLP), Don Mac Farland, Martin Broffman (USA –  Healer), Florent Dechoz ( France – Energetic / shamanism), Doctor Cathy Blanc (France -spiritual care), Sogyal Rinpoche (Tibetan bouddhism), many massage teachers, Neil and Nan Norton ( USA – medecine man and woman), Candace Brown Hill ( Canada – Grand Mother), Flor de Mayo ( Mexican medecine woman), Gilbert Larue (France – AîkiDo master), Robert Moss (USA, dream teacher), Marie Gehant (France – systemic configurations)  … I also played music with hundreds of musicians, primarily Africans, Brasilians and Soufis … I am grateful for having this opportunity that has helped me to gain additional skills and deeper experience. I always felt blessed and honoured to have the opportunity to meet with each one of these talented, loving and caring people, to share their spirit, learn from their teaching abilities and become an ally with the inner health these helpers are connected with.

Prior to my decision to focus on Drum Circles and the life as a musician, I had a very pleasant time working as a sailing instructor and working with child education. I also worked as a consultant in relation to social development in various cities, as a project manager.

Then, I decided to change my life (or life changed me), and I organized my social and working life around sound, healing and rhythm, which led me to visit many retirements homes, hospitals, educational centres for children or teen agers, some with palliative care, surrounded by many « special » people. A wonderful experience!

These last 13 years, to organise and deliver Drums Circles has become a primary focus.
During these circles I develop my own skills and talent, intuition, senses and I use creativity  to broaden and share my knowledge, to grow « in the centre of the circle ».

I lead lucid shamanic dreams or travels, with dance, music, drum beats, heartbeat, voices and songs, Drums Circles … with the great help of the good spirits, to take better care of people, their body and soul. By repairing our soul, miracles may befall. Miracles are « just » a return to our natural state, back to the roots, our essence and linked with the particles of the universe.

Gratitude    Alain Désir

12631406_426132630917460_6477794210382239922_nto join me : alain.desir@free.fr